Let It Go

Some say why aren’t you smiling?you supposed to be happy your in the prime of your life.Something’s have been said that has caused emotional damage,I know I said things I didn’t mean. Can’t fix what’s broken do to the fact you don’t seem to see what’s broken don’t want to love you any more its taking all of my energy. So how do I reverse the chemistry I don’t want us to become enemies. Can’t make it any further with you on my back carry your burden I want do it this time Goodbye , do I listen to my heart or your cry for help I keep second guessing myself why?Besides I’m not seeing you changing If I love you,I’m strong enough to let you go I love you hard while you where here and I have enough courage, and wisdom to let you go. I know our love was detrimental left me feeling less than a woman lower than zero physically and mentally Tired with no more to say good bye. I’ve come to learn as fast as people come into your life, They are gone even faster. Now you wanna love me after my soul has departed from once was us I’m not heartless I just learned to use my heart less,You may think I’m cold however I’m not I’ve used the hurt as a stepping stone. To be honest my heart has moved on however I would say sorry sweetie you can’t break a broken heart. There were things I wanted to tell you,But I know they would hurt you,So I buried them and let them hurt me.Even though I’m a mess right now I’m focused and to be honesty I just want to move on.


All I ever wanted was a family,a couple of bands, Two pistols take care of my kids, praise God, sip tea and live damn is that to much. I Neva know in a million years like would pain last this long.Its amazing when you up everybody down with you yet when you down nobody seems to deal with you even the ones you thought cared and loved you deeply hurt you the most.Like damn tired of wiping the tears away so all you can do is pray talk to god forgive pick up and walk away.The more I sit back to think I reinvent and try to figure out what people really meant.

wondering mind

Some times I lay up late night trying to figure out why some things are the way they are. I had to learn that we as humans it’s a proven fact we are our own worse enemy we doubt out selves not knowing doubt kills more than failure. Sometimes it’s better to think out side the box stop limiting  ourselves to one surrounding which is our comfort zone. We become so comfortable in a place that we settle for less when can be offered so much more. I realized that love does not hurt it is only an emotional feeling it is the person or people we are involved with that intend to hurt us. In order to grow you must surround your self with people that are postive that have a positive impact on life. If they are only your friend when you are doing something they want you to do they are not your friend. They are only hendering you from success most of us, try so hard to focus on people  or a situation that is already dead basically stop trying to water things that have already die the Lord say focus more on him and he will fight your battles. Due to the fact they are not yours they are the Lord’s be of good courage and wait on the Lord. Prayer is the key faith is the answer get on your knees and pray and your troubles shall be no more.


Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one that really cares. Life is the reason for living yet there’s no one there at times I feel I’m alone looking for the reason why I’m gone.I can’t find my way because it’s cloudy lost in my mind.While my body has been set aside did I hear what you said to me I wish at times people would just let me be. Take your own words and figure out what they mean, I’m trying to be silent but all I can do is scream at the times I feel lonely, I figure that there’s only the right and wrong the good and bad the beginning and the end.